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Factsheet: Fact Sheet about Boot Camp Series IX

Outline of course: BOOT CAMP SERIES SEPT 2017 TO JULY 2018

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To save a copy of the MS Word Registration Document, right click on the link and choose “save target as” or “download linked file as”. Complete it and email a scan/image or an attachment. Or post it to by snail mail to Alan Vincent at:-

11 Ludlow Road, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England, WV16 5AD. So we know of your coming.

Weekends are in alternate Months, at Chorley Chapel, Shropshire, WV16 6PP

The Glory of God is man fully alive!
What makes YOU come alive as a man!

Boot Camp in Chorley is a series of weekend retreats for men based on the best selling book by John Eldgredge and the Ministry of Ransomed Hearts Ministries.

Want to know more about Ransomed Hearts? Enjoy this audio message from the guys at Ransomed Hearts.

What follows is an outline only, to provide you with an understanding of the event(s), and the commitment needed of all who register. 

Limited number of places available. See the Registration form below for further details.

The Venue for all meetings is The Chapel, at High Green, Chorley, WV16 6PP (Postcode location is only approximate, and not accurate.) The Map Ref on an OS Map is Grid Ref:- SO701832, or see http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1111127.

Each weekend session will start at 10:00am Saturday morning. There is BBQ Breakfast on offer on the car park each Saturday 9:15AM. There will be a great lunch served at the Chapel, and the formal part of the day will conclude at 7pm when we enjoy a hot meal at the Duck Inn in Chorley. Most guys stay overnight (Camping IN so to speak) at the Chapel. After breakfast the weekend program will resume 10am Sunday with lunch served at the Chapel at about 1pm, and we will conclude our time together at about 4pm.

Most weekends there will be a choice of a couple of hours activity at some point; this will be in the local area and provide some challenges, fun and team building experience. See monthly plan for anticipated activities (subject to change or cancellation without notice at the organiser’s absolute discretion). Leaflets etc., are provided for your information. If you would like to read some testimonies of guys on the last course go to:-


The costs to the organisers of each weekend averaged out will be around £50, which we hope will be covered by individual donations by the candidates or their churches. Gift Aid is available for these donations. Some who wish to attend may have financial limitations that will / may need easement to enable them to attend. Financial difficulty however must not be a reason for not coming. There has always been one or two who have been prepared to donate a double portion to cover the cost of those who can not contribute. The donations will cover all food throughout, refreshments, tea and coffee, and the fee for the ‘adventure activity’. We can not make a refund if individuals chose to not take part in the organised activity.  There may be times when you would like to hang out with God and/or work through some things. Don’t be under pressure as to what you ‘should’ do. It is important however to recognise that God may be prompting  you to face the challenges that come up, You will grow through such experiences.

The material used is for men! It is not necessarily what you might hear and encounter in a Church setting on a Sunday morning!!! Please be gracious and tolerant of such situations, and focus on what God is doing in you through the encounter, this is not an opportunity to be ‘religious’ or critical.

There may be certain ‘conditions’ or ‘requirements’ set by the session leaders or in the course content, (e.g. a period of prayerful solitude, we call ‘time out’) these are to enabling each person to get full advantage out of the experience; please respect these conditions.

As guests of ‘The-Church that meets @ Chorley’, we should remember that we are in a country hamlet with a quiet and gentle disposition. If we go walking, seeking a quiet place to pray and some ‘time out’ for a while, please respect other peoples property and any ‘private’ signs or notices, closed gates etc.

Confidences and personal information may be shared in some of the sessions. Please; what is shared in this context, stays in this context.

One Last Thing:- Please understand, it is a battle we are encouraging you to enter into, you’re already in it, although you may not recognise it, you’re going to experience a lot of different emotions…, and hear a lot of thoughts designed to stop you moving forward as you go through this Series of meetings. Things like: “I don’t have time to get into this right now” or “This may be for other guys, but it’s not for me” or “I’m just a poser, not like these other men” or “They are Americans, what do they know!”. Most of that is from the enemy, meaning, Satan and is designed to take you out of the fray, and rob you of this opportunity to grow in God.

Our enemy is terrified of what is going to happen if you do this for real. He’ll mess with your equipment, (the DVD won’t play all of a sudden.) He’ll mess with your schedule (the night you set aside will get taken from you.) He’ll mess with your group, (guys will cry off, bail from meetings, transport difficulties, whatever). He’ll mess with your head through sport, family and work issues! Resist him!

Pray about it!!!! Don’t just let it happen. Resist! Pray. Bind it, in the Name of Jesus Christ. The enemy fears what will happen if you take this journey and become free. Fight all of ‘that stuff’ and press on. It is for such a time as this that God has set in you the fierce relentless heart of a warrior. To STAND! You will never regret it.

 Up for the challenge? Call, write or e-mail (details below) and reserve your place. Encourage your friends. You’ll receive your complementary copies of Wild at Heart by John Eldredge, Rousing the Warriors by Steve Uppal, and Called to be Kings and Priests by Greg Violi, as soon as we receive your completed Registration form.

You won’t regret it.

Enjoy Boot Camp Series VIII at Chorley Chapel Sept 2017- July 2018.


Weekend  1: Date 16th & 17th September 2017

  • Boot Camp DVD Session 1 “The Heart of a Man” by John Eldredge of Ransomed Heart Ministries also part 1 of “Faith Like Potatoes” Angus Buchan’s story.

Weekend 2: Date 11th and 12th November 2017

  • Epic Revisited (The Larger Story we find ourselves called up into.)
  • The Poser or The False self, Mask, or fig leaf.

Weekend 3: Date 20th and 21nd January 2018

(This weekend will see the greatest resistance from the enemy. Resolve now and pray, I will be among those who overcome!)

  • Healing The Wound
  • The New Name

Weekend 4: Date 17th and 18th March 2018

  • Warfare
  • Adventure to LIVE!

Weekend 5: Date 19th and 20th May 2018

  • Rescuing The Beauty – Eve, sexuality, lover, warrior, champion, priest, King
  • Sonship.

Weekend 6: Date 14th and 15th July 2018

  • The Movie – Courageous
  • Closing thoughts.
  • Where to from here? Series VIII?

Weekend  Challenge Probable activities

  1. Archery (get the point)
  2. Clay Pigeon Shooting (always a hit)
  3. Sledging if it snows, otherwise Gladiator Joust.
  4. Quad Bikes Trekking (over the hills and far away)
  5. Canadian style Canoeing down the River Severn or Climbing!
  6. Laser Quest Battle Field Training!

Want to see some pictures of previous Boot Camp Activity sessions? Enjoy. 

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There is so much more!

God may be calling you through this course to STAND, and to be a man who having STOOD will STAND!

Come what may.

Use the links at the top of this page to register your interest.

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