Welcome – life in all it’s fullness!

In the beginning…. What a beautiful expression of pristine beauty, expectation, dew on the ground and the flowers, everything without stain or blemish, spot or wrinkle, clean, unspoiled. Does this captivate your imagination, does your heart leap at the thought of it. No sickness, no disease, no death. A pea soup of Gods thick and pervasive love for all things including you! He has not changed his plan, or his feelings towards you.

In this life however it does not seem quite like that at this stage does it? Things went badly wrong and here we are. However God has done all that is necessary for you to be restored to the Glory you once were created in, and he will see it to completion. Jesus has made it possible.

Those who chose Him and his ways will inherit eternal life.

One day, soon, he will create all things new. Brand spanking NEW! In that place NEW heaven and NEW Earth, you can live forever in beauty, peace, joy, health and eternal happiness. Would you like that? Would you like to see a expression of that even here on Earth in the here and now? Hand your life over to Jesus, and give Him authority to use you, change you, heal you, restore you, re-new you and make you his own, and receive your NEW LIFE in all it’s FULLNESS. That was Jesus’ promise to you. He keeps all his promises. To God be the Glory.

Enjoy this site, and the journey I hope you are on into the very heart of the Father, through the Son, by the Power of His Holy Spirit.