Our Country Needs Us All to pray for unity and wisdom!

The Election Result means we must have a Government of agreement and co-operation to go forward together. Lord; Release wisdom and unity in these days.

Our Prime Minister has called a General Election for some very specific reasons. Yet the disunity she asked to come to an end as we deal with the issues before us as a nation, has hardly appeared on the agenda! Our First meeting to pray for Unity, Wisdom and Healing of our Nation was an encouraging success.

We will be meeting every Sunday at 4:30, even after the Sunday Lunch Gathering on the 7th May to pray for the United Kingdom, to Unity! As this was and is the primary reason for the calling of this General Election.

You may remember Mrs Mays announcement, if not refresh yourself at the reasons our government called this General Election. To get rid of the disunity we are all sick of.

Could she have it any clearer? If you are going to fight on behalf of our nation, you need the support of the instruments of Government setting all part differences aside for the greater good, and a unity that is essential for the negotiators to be assured of. She clearly feels she has the support of the people but not Westminster. We are also seeing the true colours of our ‘brothers and sisters’ in Government in Europe!

I’ll add a link to an amazing song so right for these days.

A nation that when united in it’s purpose can achieve great things. Even with it’s allies the FREEDOM of Europe. The United Kingdom fought for six year at enormous personal and national cost to liberate the people of Europe from an oppressor. Now we are asking those same people to release our nation, and realising that the obvious nature of our ‘friends’ in Europe is less than honouring to our hart felt and long expressed dissatisfaction with the direction our brothers and sisters in Europe are taking. And we are not the only nation who feels like this. We pray that our God will release a tide of wisdom, unity at this special time in our history, and we will see this nation come into a unity the like of which has not been seen before.

On this occasion we could see a United Kingdom where not as a result of conflict or pressure or even kingly succession, but by the heart of the people, we come together as one. Nation willing to be part of a greater nation and resulting is truly United Kingdom formed of the choice of ordinary people in every nation of the union. How wonderful would that be!

So Please! Pray where every you are for the unity of the united Kingdom. If you are local to the South Shropshire area and would like to join us at any of our meetings at 4:30 each Sunday until the 11th of June, you would be most welcome. Why the 11th of June? To celebrate the result we are praying for. Unity and wisdom in our nation,  Amen?

A few of Scriptures that are worthy of some thought:-

Proverbs 14:34a in the NIV says:- Righteousness exalts a nation….

2 Chronicles 7:14  in the NIV says:- if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

We hope to see you if you feel led to join us and pray 4:30 to 5:30pm each Sunday through to the 11th June. God bless. Alan Vincent