Heart Trouble

We heard of man who in 2000, after many years of a chronic heart condition, again became seriously ill. Seven specialists in 4 hospitals in different parts of the UK had confirmed his condition and diagnosis. Princess Royal in Telford re-affirmed the same diagnosis. He went down hill, his family were called. He was asked to get his affairs in order, the outlook was not good. The condition was not treatable! He had already (one week earlier) been registered disabled, they had taken his driving license from him, and told his employment must end.

At 2am that night, aware he was terrified of the outlook and, despite his faith, he did not want to die. He felt something very strange going on, he then slept deeply and woke in the morning recovered! The four doctors at the Princess Royal were astounded and had no explanation. They checked him over and said he had the heart of a 16 year old! I can testify that this guy, Barry, earned himself a new nickname from me after his new heart: I call him Tigger! That’s what he is like. He is so full of bounce and energy and life-he’s embarrassing! He is great. He gives God all the Glory, honour and praise. Since then he has worked for the Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen in Peterhead and Malag in Scotland and is now (wait for it) bricklaying in South Shields. Barry is in his mid fifties! He is a registered Minister of the Church. He and his wife Sue are now Pastors of a Church in the North East. Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW. Like a river!