Can God Heal Cancer?

We heard of a lady with cancer, Pat, who at God’s prompting was invited by her daughter, who was invited by the writer who was prompted by God to take the daughter to a meeting in Telford where a Canadian speaker was preaching. We went. The Power of God’s Spirit in that meeting was tangible. I was so concerned for Penny and Pat as the Power of God was being revealed that they were a little shocked, and sensed their discomfort and surprise. I offered to take them out as I feared they might want to leave. Pat said NO, I want to see what is going to happen here. A call went out for people with cancer to be healed. (Don’t forget Pat was not invited by me, it was her daughter who invited her, all I was sure of was that God prompted me to invite the daughter Penny.) Pat went forward with Penny running after her in her wake. The speaker Jim Paul, walked straight up to Pat, pressed a fist firmly into her abdomen, (how did he know where the tumor was?) and commanded the tumor to wither and die, and come out in the name of Jesus!


Ten seconds it took. Pat convulsed as if coughing something up, fell to the floor, Penny sat with her for 20 minutes. When Pat finally stirred, she looked at Penny and said, “It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful”. She was still saying this when Penny eventually managed to recover Pat to her seat.

“It’s wonderful,” Pat said again.

“What’s wonderful?” I asked.

“This warm glow all over me. It’s wonderful.”

The doctors pronounced Pat in remission. (She still is! Praise God.) She has lived a full and exiting life since becoming a Christian a few years ago, along with her husband, her daughter, her daughter’s husband, and many other members of the family expressing a serious interest in the things of God. She has done an Alpha Course and has become a house Church leader in the Bridgnorth area, and has now moved to Machynlleth in West Wales. Watch this space!

Update 23/12/2006. Pat just popped in to see us. She is living in Wales has a B&B Eryl House B&B and has joined Tywyn Baptist Church. She is a picture or health and shows the JOY OF JESUS in every way. Bless you pat. Thank you Lord!