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We prayed and thanked God for all these testimonies. Final one.

Finally we heard from a lady called Jill Mee who could not be there on the 5th as her daughter was being married. She did send us a written testimony however and everyone at the Church had a copy and Sue my wife read it out for all to hear and 5 people from Chorley Chapel raised their hands to testify they knew Jill’s story was the truth. In her own words she tels the story:-

Testimony of Healing
Gill Mee

I would like to share with you my testimony of God’s goodness and His amazing love. My testimony is not just about healing but experiencing tremendous peace through difficult times knowing that He was in control of my situation.

My story began in Wales in 1977, which was when my back problem started. After falling downstairs at home, I began to experience back pain, this went on for several years, and I was told that I had disc problems. After moving to Stourport in 1988 the problem became more and more debilitating.

After a consultation with Mr Cleek at Kidderminster Hospital, I was told that I had bone missing from my lower spine; three prolapsed discs and disc wear at the top of my spine, which gave me neck problems. Mr Cleek explained that he was not able to perform such a complex operation and I was referred to Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital.

While I waited for my appointment at Oswestry I was hospitalised twice at Kidderminster with severe pain where I was fitted with a spinal corset. I was also given facet joint injections and epidurals. When I eventually saw the consultant at Oswestry in 1990. I was told that I needed to have a rod inserted into my spine and the discs were to be fused. I was told that this procedure would not take away all of the pain and would face a long recuperation period. I agreed to be put on the waiting list for the operation.

As time went on my problem worsened. I spent many weeks at a time in the house unable to walk unaided and was eventually forced to use a wheelchair for mobility. Nothing alleviated the pain, I was registered disabled and had to rely on my family for everything.

I had become a Christian in 1983 and had a deep faith in God. I never ever doubted that He was able to heal me, as I believed in His word (The Bible). One day I read Jeremiah 31 and was struck by the words “You will be rebuilt daughter of Israel and again dance with the joyful” I felt my heart race as I read this and felt that God was speaking to me, as I had always loved to dance and longed to do so in church. I didn’t tell anyone about this word – not even my husband.

I had also watched a Video about the “Fire Conference” with Evangelist Reinhardt Bonke and as he prayed for the sick, a woman who was unable to walk was healed and got out of her wheelchair. At the end of the video they interviewed her Specialist for his thoughts on her healing. It turned out to be Mr Eisenstein at Oswestry, my – Consultant.

As time went on I become more disabled with pain and one day I prayed and said “Lord I give this problem to you, I know that you are able to heal me, but even if you don’t, I trust you and know that you will take me through the operation”. After that prayer I received complete peace. People used to ask me how I remained so cheerful; all that I knew was that God was upholding me and giving me peace and strength.

In April 1992 I was invited to a church meeting to hear George Miller the Evangelist preach. I could only go if I had a “good day” and on this particular night I was able to struggle to the meeting on my crutches. On the way in I spoke to George who said “Gill you’ll be walking out of here” – I laughed.

During the meeting I sat propped up in the chair with pillows with my feet up on another chair listening to George preaching about God being able to do the impossible. I already knew and agreed with this and at the end George began praying for the sick. Before I knew it my husband Neil and my friend Angela had me by the arms. They helped me to my feet and held me up while George prayed. I wasn’t at the meeting for prayer I went just to hear George speaking. After George prayed for me I fell to the floor under the power of The Holy Spirit. A tremendous warmth came over me and my pain went! as I lay there I said “Lord if you are healing me this has to be real as you know I have to face Doctors and Specialists”.

Next thing I knew I stood up and was able to stand up straight, unaided and totally free from pain. As I looked around I saw the looks on peoples faces who were stunned my friends were in tears. I ended up running around the room.

To my amazement I also discovered that the lady I had seen healed in Reinhard Bonke’s video was sat a few rows behind me.

I went home to face my children who were amazed, as they had seen their Mum for so long in so much pain. When I went out the next day my neighbours were also amazed as I told them what had happened.

After a couple of weeks I went to see my GP who had visited me at home many times and was well aware of my problems. As I walked into his surgery he was taken aback and wanted to know what had happened, so I told him about how I was prayed for. He asked me where this took place and could give me no logical explanation. He asked me to come back in a couple of weeks to see him, obviously expecting this not to last. On my return visit I was able to give him lists of all the things I was able to do, including all the everyday household tasks. He then agreed to declare me fit.

I wrote and asked The Social Security to stop my mobility allowance as I had been re- assessed in 1991 and was granted payments for a further four years. It took me several letters to get them to agree to stop payments into my bank. I suppose they were not used to people wanting to stop benefits.

I also cancelled my operation, which was to have taken place in August 1992. I wrote to Mr Eisenstein and explained what had happened and who now must be wondering to himself after having two of his patients healed by God!

Eleven years on I am still totally fit and free from any pain.

My life has been totally transformed since my healing and I have shared my testimony on many occasions in many different places. Whenever I share my testimony, I always emphasise that you receive complete peace and strength when you hand your problems over to God, no matter what you are going through. He tells us “to cast your burdens onto me and I will give you rest”

I have come to know that God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or think and He will never leave us or forsake us.

Gill Mee




Welcome – life in all it’s fullness!

In the beginning…. What a beautiful expression of pristine beauty, expectation, dew on the ground and the flowers, everything without stain or blemish, spot or wrinkle, clean, unspoiled. Does this captivate your imagination, does your heart leap at the thought of it. No sickness, no disease, no death. A pea soup of Gods thick and pervasive love for all things including you! He has not changed his plan, or his feelings towards you.

In this life however it does not seem quite like that at this stage does it? Things went badly wrong and here we are. However God has done all that is necessary for you to be restored to the Glory you once were created in, and he will see it to completion. Jesus has made it possible.

Those who chose Him and his ways will inherit eternal life.

One day, soon, he will create all things new. Brand spanking NEW! In that place NEW heaven and NEW Earth, you can live forever in beauty, peace, joy, health and eternal happiness. Would you like that? Would you like to see a expression of that even here on Earth in the here and now? Hand your life over to Jesus, and give Him authority to use you, change you, heal you, restore you, re-new you and make you his own, and receive your NEW LIFE in all it’s FULLNESS. That was Jesus’ promise to you. He keeps all his promises. To God be the Glory.

Enjoy this site, and the journey I hope you are on into the very heart of the Father, through the Son, by the Power of His Holy Spirit.

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Wild at Heart Boot Camp – men’s stuff

Colorado Team were here in UK in April 2018!

What an amazing message they brought and shared with the UK Allies. It will affect us ALL!

Below is an audio message shared by Andrew Walsh, one of the UK Allies the following John and Stasi’s visit and provides an excellent overview. With permission.

Audio Message:-

Below is a message sent by John to encourage us as we shared, all we had heard on 23rd June at Chorley Chapel with 60 to 70 folk present. This was a time of significance for us as Boot Campers, the nation, and may be the world, and there is a role to play in the story that we are a part of and is unfolding as I write.

Video Message:-

Our conclusion; to use a quote of C S Lewis:- “Aslan is on the move” here in the UK, powerfully, here, now, and there are things we need to know, and things we need to do. Ransomed Heart are being used by God to facilitate his move in this land. The first thing to do is to pray and ask, Lord, what is my part in this great event you are unfurling in the land you have given us? Then you will know if this is real and that this is the time.

Ransomed Heart, HERE in the UK 13 – 16 September 2018. See link below for full details.

Ransomed Heart

Also see below for details of Boot Camp Series IX and Advanced Series IV stating very soon at Chorley Chapel Shropshire.

Head or Heart? Which should we be living out of?

Does our mind serve our hearts, or do our hearts serve our minds? Which is God focused on? Which needs reNEWing?

See this video which is part of the Boot Camp material in what we call the Red Box set from Ransomed hearts. You can buy the full set from their web site or Amazon. To view click the link below.

Session 4 of Boot Camp LIVE set. Selection 4.2 for a limited time only.

CHORLEY BOOT CAMPS in 2018-2019 season.

Ransomed Hearts Allies Chorley Chapel 

Why should I do a Boot Camp at Chorley? What should I expect? Click below.


Boot Camp Series IX Starts this month 29th-30th Sept.

Fact Sheet about Boot Camp Series IX

Drilling deeper for the Oil of God’s Spirit to well up within us as men!

A copy of the most recent Ransomed Hearts Boot Camp in the UK to give you a sense of what you are being invited ‘up into’:- WAH Boot Camp Cefn Lea 2010 UK

Example Outline of the course: BOOT CAMP SERIES SEPT 2017 TO JULY 2018

Regestration Document 2018-2019 print off and return to address below or e-mail to Alan at

Advanced Boot Camp Series IV

Ransomed Hearts recent trailer for Advanced to give you a sense of what you are being invited ‘up into’:- Advanced Trailer

Factsheet:- Fact Sheet about Boot Camp Advanced Series IV

Example outline of the course:-BOOT CAMP ADVANCED SERIES OCT 2017 TO APRIL 2018

Registration Document ADVANCED  print off and return to address below or e-mail to Alan at

To save a copy of the MS Word Registration Document, right click on the link and choose “save target as” or “download linked file as”. Complete it and email a scan/image or an attachment. Or post it to us by snail mail to Alan Vincent at :-

Chorley Chapel, Care of:-

The Hawthorns, Bakehouse Lane, Chorley, Shropshire, WV16 6PP UK. So we know that you are coming.

About Alan and Sue

My wife Sue and I took over leadership of Chorley Chapel officially in June  2002 following an Induction by representatives of the Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA). We had served at the Chapel for three month prior having offered to allow the retiring pastor Eric Stirrup a three month sabbatical.

Sue had been a follower of Jesus since age six. For me it was a different story! I had been a atheist (even an evangelical atheist)since the age of 22, and at the age of 47 without me searching Him out, He came and searched me out. My testimony is attached here. Sue and I married in 1995 after loosing our previous spouses through cancer. Between us we have 6 children 4 girls and 2 boys. Life has had it’s humps and hollows along the way, but God has helped us to learn and grow through each of them. Between us we have a wealth of experience where God has taught us in life we will have troubles, but fear not….. Also that it’s not the troubles that define you, it’s what you make of them when they come. They can make you bitter or they can make you better, the difference is a free will choice each one of us have to make for ourselves along the way.

Sue grew up in Kidderminster, one of six sisters and a brother in an amazing and godly family of which I am proud to be associated. I grew up in a small village (then) called Maghull on the outskirts of Liverpool not too far from Aintree Race Course which even did motor racing in those days. On coming to faith and giving my life to Jesus on the 19th May 1991 at the same time as my daughter Holly, I started the life changing journey that is on going to this day. Sue and I both came to believe that the denominational model of Christianity was hard to support if we base our beliefs and understanding on God’s Word. We both realised that we should be open about what we are.  We believe we are disciples, followers of Jesus Christ and therefore are not Baptists, Anglicans, Protestants, or Pentecostals, nothing but disciples of Jesus. We talked this through with folk at HEBA ready to step down if necessary! They understood, and agreed to support us and to let us continue to work from the Chapel at Chorley. How amazing is that! Praise God.

This change took place in our seventh year at Chorley, and as God unfolded our work ahead, and our faith deepened, right there in a traditional rural Baptist Chapel! Everything began to change, and is still changing. It’s surprising how deep the traditional religious and legalistic roots go!

Our principle activity now is to fellowship and build one another up in love, and seek to help, support, share with, and provide for those in need as we have opportunity. God led us back to the early days of the Church ‘He’ set up, and we discovered many things there. Most of the time Jesus did what he did one to one or at best with small groups. It was these small groups that started the world changing Faith based on all that Jesus taught. Yes he did teach and preach to large crowds, but the real life changing renewing work of making disciples was with his close circle of followers. After His death that tiny group in partnership with the Holy Spirit changed the world as we know it! They ate together (which we do a lot of), they talked and discussed the Scriptures together, drawing out the Truths they contain (which we do a lot of) often around the table with food of course, we focus on making our Faith and beliefs real, practical, Spirit inspired, and relevant, we break bread together. We minister to one another for healing and wholeness of the physical as well as the emotional and Spiritual. We consider ourselves a band of travellers on the journey of ‘Life’, who have come together for a time and a purpose which is in God’s hands. We are not trying to build a congregation although that is growing, we believe we are called to help bring about a place where Jesus can build His Kingdom, and bring people into that Kingdom under Christ. He is the King, we are the subjects, and one day we will reign with him! This is our training ground here and now. We are learning to live in that Kingdom context together as we journey.  Would you like to join us?

We don’t see Church as a building, or a destination. Church is the people who meet together in love of Jesus Christ, and have chosen to love one another as he commanded. It is not the prime mission to get people to come to our church, sit in rows and be preached at! People come, we share, we worship, we explore God’s Word and we pray, we journey together, we all grow through the process. Not just in numbers but in love and fellowship. At the appointed time some  may leave and go off to do the job that Jesus has been preparing them for, and we had the privilege of playing a small part in His grand plan.

We pray, we sing, we break bread, we share our help, skills, and gifts together and we are being changed by His Spirit in that very process. The early Church following Jesus’ death on a Cross grew in about 400 years to cover the whole known earth at that time. That church is still out there today and is still growing exponentially, even as the popular view of institutional church is, ‘it is in decline’! How wrong can you be?

In the Bible the choice is set out clearly. Choose Life!

The Life Jesus offers is a life of on going transformational change from one degree of glory to another. It was for LIFE in all it’s fullness. It was for FREEDOM that he set us free. Well that’s been my experience anyway and that’s what we share, teach and help others come into, Life in ALL ITS FULLNESS!

Our strap line says it all:-

“To receive and live in God’s Love, pursue wholeness and share both with the people of Chorley and beyond.”

To God be the Glory.

Be blessed in Jesus Name Alan and Sue.