Another Cancer Story added April 05.

A friend of our family was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. He and we were devastated. After much prayer, heartache, soul searching, highs and lows, fear and trauma, prayer and despair he went to visit a Church in Nigeria where some amazing healing had taken place in recent years! He was healed! To God be the Glory.

He was tested also! Another suspicious object on a scan! Down into the pit again, climbing out he chose to believe God over his circumstances. Some weeks later despite the medical profession trying to soften the blow and prepare him for the worst, dispite our friends insistance he was healed, and would not chose to believe otherwise, the diagnosis eventualy came. All clear! No problem, scar tissue only. There have been other mountain tops and deep valleys along the way. So much so this amazing nakedly honest story has been written in a book. It is available from Wesley Owen. (ISBN 1-85078-620-8   search for the authors name Musgrave.) It is called “My heart will choose to say” by John Musgrave. Bless you John.

Don’t you just love seeing the enemy of our souls loosing ground in Jesus name.